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Choice Professionals is the pioneer Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) consultancy in California, having established the first privately run, for- profit center in 1997. Its ADHC team of consultants and trainers is responsible for over 65 successful ADHC centers in California, the pioneer facility in Georgia (1998), and is in the process of researching other states. Today, "gilt-edged" centers – centers recognized by the regulatory agencies for their service excellence, balanced with efficient, high profit operations – are Choice Professionals clients.

Founded by Rica Burton in 1986, Choice Professionals began its consulting and training practice in international trade, university-level education, and corporate training.

Rica has a B.S. in Chemistry, Minor in and Biological Sciences, and a Masters in Information Sciences. She has numerous certificates that include Organizational Management, Elder Care Markets, Labor/E.E.O./OSHA laws, and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. She has written training manuals, handbooks and reference material for seminars for the Center for Nonprofit Management from 1984 to 1996 that include:

  • From Stone Tablet to Microchip: Effective Information Management Systems
  • Management Skills for Support Personnel
  • Supervising the Culturally Diverse Workforce

From 1996 to present, she has specialized in training manuals, handbooks and reference materials for the operations and quality assurance of Adult Day Health Care, Adult Day Care and Assisted Living programs.

In 1996, Choice Professionals brought the breadth and depth of its experience to the highly specialized field of health care, Public/Private Partnerships, where government contracts with private for-profit providers in preventive care of the disabled, frail and elderly. It holds the copyright for Gear UP! A Fully Synchronized System for Adult Day Health Care. It offers this system to investors who seek to supply businesses to meet today’s high demand.

Choice Professionals has a synergistic team of clinicians and business management professionals.

  • Clinicians cover the disciplines required in the delivery of quality Adult Day Health Care programs.
  • Business management professionals are your guarantee of regulatory compliance and business profitability.

That is how Choice Professionals builds centers for service excellence that are also profitable businesses.

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