Compliance Management

Think of us as your Deficiency Insurance against that cursed Deficiency Letter. Deficiencies waste your time and demoralize you and your staff. Got a deficiency letter? Get us immediately! We respond with a Guaranteed Plan of Correction because it is on time, succinct, clearly formatted, and on target.

  1. Tiny issue: Is your Weekly Staff Schedule posted?
  2. Medium issue: Do you have the correct staff-to-attendees ratio?
  3. Major issue: Did you bill for someone who was at the hospital?
  4. Truly major issue: Do have a REPEAT deficiency? (This reveals ignorance, indifference, and a dangerous lack of respect for the program. Fix it!)
  5. Truly major issue: Are you facing a claim of Discrimination? Sexual Harassment? Sexual Assault against a dependent adult or elderly client?


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