Consulting Specialties

Are you looking to start an Adult Day Health Care business?

  • We are A to Z turnkey consultants and trainers.
  • We provide from concept to building requirements to licensed/certified structure.
  • We arm you with a complete operating system of manuals, forms and documentation materials.
  • We guide you from start up to a successful, profitable business

Are you looking to buy an existing facility and need due diligence?

  • We evaluate current operating strengths/weaknesses and propose corrections so you don’t buy someone else’s headaches.
  • We work with your CPA to uncover real profitability.
  • We work with your Attorney to ensure correct and complete Change of Ownership / Change of Shareholders documentation.
  • We can walk with you through a successful transition with little to no loss of revenue.

Are you looking to sell your facility?

  • We can help you clean up your operations to increase sell ability.
  • We can refer interested operators and prospective buyers and present your facility’s potential.
  • We can increase a buyer’s confidence with a continuity of service and billing transition.
  • We can salvage shuttered operations with full clean for sale and re-startup.

Do you already have a facility in compliance trouble?

  • Have you been cited for trouble proving medical eligibility and necessity for your services?
  • Have you been forced to discharge?
  • Is your documentation cited for poor unacceptable quality?
  • Is your operating and billing ability up for suspension?
  • Do you have trouble billing?

Do you want to improve, expand, relocate, change licensed structure?

  • We can implement smooth, operating systems that simplify your day-to-day work.
  • We simplify the work so your staff can work smarter. (And thank you for it.)
  • We create, chart, checklist toward simplicity and ease.
  • We investigate then train for marketing to meet your licensed capacity.
  • We know the regulatory forms and prepare them with our trademark clarity.

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